Sunday, 1 October 2017

Those of Us Who Must Die - Quick quiz

Having done an Easter Rising Mastermind quiz a while back, I thought I'd offer up a quick quiz on some of the material from "Those of Us Who Must Die". Nothing too difficult in here.

1. Volunteers were deported to England on the cattle ship TSS Slieve Bloom. What does TSS stand for?

2. How many .303 rifle bullets were fired in the executions in Kilmainham and Cork?

3. On leaving Kilmainham Gaol, what song did Commandant Ceannt start to sing?

4. How many of the executed were shot in the head?

5. As Eoin MacNeill was brought into Dartmoor prison, who called the Volunteers to attention ("'shun") and gave the order "eyes left"?

6. What nationality was rebel Tony Makapaltis?

7. In what year before the Easter Rising did Kilmainham Gaol cease to be used as civilian prison?

8. When Gary Holohan gave his name to an officer at Richmond Barracks, what surname did the officer mistakenly record?

9. It was suggested to Richard Mulcahy that he and the 5th Battalion volunteers should surrender to District Inspector Smyth at Ashbourne. Why was this not possible?

10. Cavanagh, Barton, Hoey, and Love belonged to which organisation?

11. FGCM is an abbreviation for what?

12. Members of which British regiment retrieved the last letter of the O'Rahilly?

13. Who whistled on the way to his execution?

14. Which of the executed Volunteer leaders was already a dying man at the time of his execution?

15. Which priest converted Grace Gifford to Catholicism?

16. Which DMP constable went out of his way to help, concerned that relatives of those to be
executed would not get to see the condemned men before they were shot?

17. Which officer found himself in charge of a firing party that would execute his childhood friend?

18. What Royal Navy ship brought prisoners from Galway to Kingstown?

19. What nickname was given to the British Officer in charge of Frongoch by the Volunteers?

20. How many firing squads were commanded by a Royal Navy officer?

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Those of us Who Must Die

Popped over to Dublin last week for the launch of "Those of Us Who Must Die", the second book by Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly.

Very well attended event with Marcus Howard doing the honours re officially launching the book.

Just finished reading "Those of Us Who Must Die" and have to say it's another great read. While I languish in the dry world of facts, figures etc, Derek and Darren are able to string a story together that delivers facts in a well paced and entertaining roller coaster of a ride. The range of emotions stirred reading this book is worrying - anger, pride, sadness and a few tears welled up as events unfold following the Easter Rising.

A wide range of things that were new to me and which will spin off a few little research projects.

Definitely a worthy addition to the library to sit alongside "When the Clock Struck in 1916".

Saturday, 13 May 2017

SMS Seydlitz

On the 24th April 1916, SMS Seydlitz was part of the German fleet that sailed from Germany to bombard the east coast of England as part of the German commitment to the leaders of the Easter Rising in Ireland.

It hit a mine several hours after sailing with the loss of 12 crew and was forced to return to port.

It was repaired and later took part in the Battle of Jutland.

The list of those killed in the Easter Rising raid and at Jutland can be found on the following site :