Thursday, 26 December 2013

Revolution in Dublin by Liz Gillis

Got a copy of "Revolution in Dublin A Photographic History 1913-1923" by Liz Gillis for Christmas. 

Some really nice photos and snippets of information in this book. A good addition to the library.

Nice to see a photo of Thomas William Murphy (page 46), author of a photographic booklet "Dublin after the Six Days Insurrection". This picture appears on the Mercier Press blog.

2 minor errors  :

1. a reference to Hodgkins and Hodgkins that should be Hopkins and Hopkins (jewellers on the end of what is now O'Connell St leading onto Eden Quay and the White Star Line offices).

2. a reference to the Helga firing on O'Connell St and her guns "having a devastating effect on the city". HMY Helga had a very limited impact during the Rising - firing on the Boland's garrison and later Liberty Hall and the building next door. The artillery brought from Athlone had a much bigger impact, contributing to the start of some building fires (not the only source of fires though).

Monday, 23 December 2013

Trooper Hugh McCabe

When referring to the death of the first soldier in the Troubles, most books and websites will refer to Gunner Robert Curtis and will avoid any mention of Trooper Hugh McCabe killed by the RUC in August 1969. Trooper McCabe was a Catholic serving in the British Army and from the Divis Flats, Belfast.

Home on leave from Germany, Trooper McCabe was killed by indiscriminate fire by members of the RUC armed with a heavy calibre machine gun. He left a wife and 2 young children.,_Belfast,_May_2011_(04).JPG